We've built a database for all of the Confederate monuments. Now, do something about it.


Learn the real history of Confederate monuments.

These shrines to slavery were built to serve as a constant reminder that we live in a nation built on bigotry. Honoring Confederates is an insult to all Americans, especially people of color.

The Lie Behind the Monuments

The Confederate monuments across the united states are symbols of America's white supremacist history. Tearing down these monuments isn't erasing history it's correcting the mistakes of our racist past. Most of these Confederate monuments were in fact erected during the jim crow and civil rights eras, decades after the civil war, with the intention of terrorizing people of color and celebrating white supremacy. These monuments are themselves an erasure of history.

Our map will provide our community across the country a central location to identify and locate these symbols of white supremacy. Each monument will have with it associated local politicians and their contact information so that they can hear directly from our community. We will develop tools that allow dedicated activists anonymous communication in order to send us photos, videos, and updates about your direct action.

Together we can tear them all down.

Stop waiting for change.
Start tearing them down!


We've created the largest confederate monuments database because we want to ensure that everyone has access to it; not just academics, journalists, and politicians. Please feel free to use this data in any way your community sees fit.


You don't fight Nazis, fascists, neo-confederates, and racists by ignoring them. A united Left must march together in solidarity against this growing threat to America. While #TakeThemAllDown can be a rallying cry we want to encourage everyone to find their place in this struggle.

Join a group and take a stand!

We Need Your Help

We are nearly done building the most complete confederate monuments database online. We still need your help to help us gather information such as the groups actively attempting to take down monuments, pictures, representatives supporting the monuments, and various other data points useful in coalescing a movement.

As such we are currently looking for activists who are skilled in data-entry and online research (google maps, public records, etc.). If you're willing to help in this endeavor send us a message with our contact form below.

We Want To Hear From You

We understand #TakeThemAllDown may be controversial to some while being exhilarating to others. We respect a diversity of opinions and tactics on this issue but will we not tolerate messages that are divisive, insulting, threatening, or worse. In order to ensure we are not wasting our time sifting through useless messages, we will be filtering everything. If you don't hear from us it might be that your message did not fit our filter's guidelines.